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    The Nonprofit Times Reports Nonprofits Seek $60 Billion In Stimulus

    As Congress continues negotiations this week on another phase of economic stimulus in response to the coronavirus, nonprofit leaders are making their case for $60 billion in emergency funding, a short-term universal...

    Communication is Key — Realistic Goal Setting for Nonprofits

    Every year brings new goals and new opportunities for growth for many nonprofits. There are a plethora of goals types and strategies that nonprofits employ on a yearly basis to serve their mission. Some are...

    A Flexible Work Structure Could Help With Your Nonprofit’s Employee Retention.

    Employee retention is and should be a critical issue for nonprofit leaders to address. In a sector that worries about covering costs, high employee turnover is could be insanely costly for nonprofits....

    It’s Tax Season Again for Nonprofits

    Tax season means different things for different groups or people. For nonprofits and their executives, tax season means tax receipts for donations and form 990 time. The different more specific IRS codes for each individual...

    Essential Web Resources Every Nonprofit Executive Should Know

    A well-equipped leader is a leader that enables themselves to make the best decisions possible for their organization. For nonprofit leaders that means taking advantage of the multitudes of resources available in order to...

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