Fundraising Online: Leveraging the Power of Facebook Live

2020 was a difficult year, especially for nonprofit organizations. It was unusual, unpredictable, frustrating, and challenging on many levels. One of the biggest...
capital campaign nonprofit

Taking the First Step for a Capital Campaign in 2021

The term “capital campaign” was originally associated with brick-and-mortar efforts, such as fundraising for buildings and facilities. However, capital campaigns are actually organized fundraising efforts designed to help nonprofits achieve long-term financial...
Nonprofit Monthly Donor Program

10 Tips to Creating a Nonprofit Monthly Donor Program

Strong donor retention is critical to sustaining and growing your nonprofit.  One of the best ways to increase your donor retention is by creating a monthly donor program (sometimes called recurring giving). ...
year end fundraising nonprofits

Last-Minute Year-End Fundraising Tips

The end of the year is a great time to help your nonprofit meet its financial goals.  Nearly 1/3rd of total giving occurs in the month of December.  Moreover, 12% of all...
Virtual fundraising

Virtual Fundraising Ideas for Your Nonprofit

In-person fundraising events like galas, races, and auctions, are typically big fundraisers for many nonprofits.  However, due to the continuing impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, many nonprofits have been forced to cancel...
nonprofit fundraising women

Gender Matters, Nonprofit Fundraising Research Shows the Impact of Women Donors Featuring Cynthia Woolbright...

Read an Executive Summary or Listen to the Podcast HERE  In today's podcast episode, Stephen Halasnik and his guest Cynthia Woolbright The Woolbright Group discuss the importance and influence...
cultivating donors for nonprofits

What Nonprofits Can Do Online to Cultivate Donors

PRESS RELEASE March 25th, 2021 Listen to the Podcast HERE  In today’s podcast episode, Stephen Halasnik and his guest Tanja...
board fundraising

Five Ways to Supercharge Your Nonprofit Board for Fundraising Success

Board members are morally and legally accountable for the health of your nonprofit organization, including financial sustainability. It is therefore imperative that Board members are engaged in fundraising. It’s not just another good idea; it’s...
Facebook birthday advertising nonprofits


Using Facebook fundraisers to raise money and awareness about your nonprofit is one of the most effective fundraising tools available.  Over $2B has been raised for nonprofits and personal causes since launching in...
video email for nonprofits

Video Emails is Driving 300% Increase in Nonprofit Giving Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.4

Podcast Host: Stephen Halasnik, Managing Partner, Financing Solutions Guest:  Matt Barnett, Owner, Bonjoro, Video Emails Today, I am excited to...
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