What To Do When Your Nonprofits Mission and Operations Go Adrift: NonprofitMBA Podcast 1.2

CITE’s mission, is to assist a student in learning self-management life skills in multiple settings in order to return to a lesser restrictive environment in less than...
nonprofit leadership

Find, Fix, Fill Your Nonprofit’s Leadership Gap, Featuring Candice Gottlieb-Clark on The Nonprofit...

In today's podcast, Candice Gottlieb-Clark from Dynamic Team Solutions and Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions, a leading provider of loans for nonprofits in the form of a line of credit, discuss the importance of...

Ensuring Your Nonprofit Mission Survives the Pandemic Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.7

The pandemic has forced nonprofits to think differently about their mission and how to achieve it. Nonprofits usually focus on their mission, achieving that mission, the founders of...

Nonprofit Boards: The Executive Director’s Best Friends (No, Really!): Nonprofit MBA Podcast 1.6

Nonprofit boards can and should be the principal source of support (moral and financial) for their organizations. Some, however (though none of yours of course), can be a...
nonprofit board

State of Nonprofit Board Chairs: Preparing, Selecting, Supporting. Nonprofit MBA Podcast 2.10

Summary: There is no doubt that serving as a committee chair comes with significant board leadership and decision-making tasks. However, it is not just a chairperson's responsibility to use their power for...

Succession Planning for your Nonprofit: NonprofitMBA Podcast 1.4

Today, what we are going to discuss is: How to prepare your nonprofit for the transition from one leadership to another or in other words, succession planning.

The Newest Strategy in Fundraising for Nonprofits: NonprofitMBA Podcast 1.5

Today, what we are going to discuss is The Newest Strategy in Fundraising for Nonprofits. The Nonprofit MBA's purpose is to provide new business insights...

Is Your Nonprofit Board Bored or on Board: the Importance of a Push Back...

It is a tough time for all leaders, including those leaders for nonprofit organizations, with everything going on right now during these tough times. It is even harder...
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