March 25th, 2021

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In today’s podcast episode, Stephen Halasnik and his guest Tanja Sarett discuss what nonprofits can do online to cultivate donors. The online world opens a brand new fundraising aspect to nonprofits. The main focus when it comes to donors, especially online, is being able to provide donor relationships and keeping them engaged so that there can be a bond between the donors and the nonprofit organization.

About Tanja Sarett from Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting

Tanja Sarett is a nonprofit and fundraising consultant and a certified fundraising executive. Tanja is an onsite and virtual facilitator, trainer, and executive coach who is an Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Master Trainer and a 21/64 Multigenerational Giving Advisor. Tanja has worked in the nonprofit and foundation field for more than 25 years with organizations in North America, Europe, and Israel. She is the founder of Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting

Tanja has presented at national venues and international organizations and her work has been published in several fundraising publications such as the Nonprofit Times and many others.

About Stephen Halasnik 

Stephen Halasnik is the host of the popular, The Nonprofit MBA Podcast. Mr. Halasnik is the Cofounder of Financing Solutions which is a leading provider of Lines of Credit to nonprofit and small businesses. The line of credit program for nonprofits is fast, easy, inexpensive, and costs nothing to set up making it a great cash backup plan. You can learn more about the Nonprofit line of credit program or apply for a nonprofit credit line here. You can also call 862-207-4118.