What To Do When Your Nonprofits Mission and Operations Go Adrift: NonprofitMBA Podcast 1.2


CITE’s mission, is to assist a student in learning self-management life skills in multiple settings in order to return to a lesser restrictive environment in less than 30 months. The CITE team, led by Bill, has re-organized a forty-five-year-old school with program drift. In 2015 Bill took over a 100+-year-old facility with 9 students that was in decline. The program is now focused on positive behavioral support, applied behavioral analysis, collaboration with parents and meeting the needs of the demographic with now over 35 students.

Today, what we are going to talk about on the podcast is what to do when your nonprofit’s mission and operations go adrift from its original vision. It’s an area that Bill has direct experience in and as we all know, experience matters!

Hosted by Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions. Financing Solutions is the leader in providing Lines of Credit to Nonprofits.